Companion Garden Planting — kelleysdiy

Companion planting has long been used by gardeners, who pair specific plants for their mutual benefit. Sometimes it’s about confusing or discouraging pests, other times it’s about attracting beneficial insects to deal with the pests. Here are some companion plantings to try in your edible garden. Swellphotography/Shutterstock Tomatoes and Marigolds Marigolds aren’t just ornamental, they […]

Companion Garden Planting — kelleysdiy

I think its great to know this type of gardening. I’m not much of a garden expert but I’m glad to find this post to give useful tips on how what plants to grow together to protect each other from insects. Not only that, based on your pictures, these plants look great together. I can’t wait to use these tips when I start my own garden. Thanks kelleysdiy!


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